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Matt Willen Matt Willen | Thursday 14. Mayá2009

A Grand Day Out

I had a very nice road trip yesterday with Peter Weiss, director of the University Center of the Westfjords. A welcome day out of the office for Peter, and a good day to visit the southern Westfjords. We headed south around 10:30, through the tunnel outside of Isafjöður (a single lane for about 7 km that spilts halfway Headed over towards þingeyri, where we stopped and spoke with a gentleman (Lárus) and then over the pass south from þingeyri to the farm at hrafnseyri, the birthplace of Jon Sigurðsson, the first Icelandic statesman/president. On the way we stopped at one of the emergency huts on top of the pass (see photos) and took a look inside (an auspicious place to spend a cold night), and then stopped at the farm at Auðkúla, on Arnarfjörður, where there is an old bulding that once was going to be store.

Hrafnseyri is 2 km further south, along the coast. Here there is a boarding house, a museum, two chapels and several turf cottages. We stopped in for an hour or so, and chatted with Benedick (who works for the fisheries police) and Valdemar (the caretaker and curator at Hrafnseyri). From there onto Dynjandi, a spectacular tiered waterfall which, with the spring runoff, was booming.


Today, I am going to stick around Isafjörður, find a place where it looks like something is going on, and stick around. I am enjoying meeting people immensely, though I wish my Icelandic was better. Það reddast.

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