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Matt Willen Matt Willen | Saturday 17. Octoberá2009

Disaster Averted!

Well, the journal turned up. In Connecticut, of all places, where I was visiting last weekend. So good news, though I am still mired in a haze of jaw pain.

I was going through some photos last night, and it appears that I have some that I just can't classify, so I'll put a few up here.

Off to New York tomorrow morning, to spend a week doing a workshop with Magnum Photographers in Manhattan. Should be quite a learning experience. When I get back, I will scan every page of my notebook, and then get up the profiles I have drafted. So, more in about a week.



Jesse Waters, Saturday 17 October | 16:11


You seem to be on the kind of adventure that's the absolute antithesis of ETown... what a sabbatical!

Hope it's all as wonderful as it appears,



Vala, Sunday 18 October | 08:03

Thank god you found it !!

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