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Matt Willen Matt Willen | Saturday 17. October 2009

Disaster Strikes!

Well, at some time it seemed inevitable that something should go wrong. I have managed to misplace my notebook with all of my notes, contacts, names, places, Icelandic phrases, meanderings, ideas, stories, directions, shoping list, and everything that is really important. Disaster. This, I discovered today in the midst of a failed root canal and an extremely labourious and painful and prolonged after the fact extraction. So if you look up despondant in the dictionary, you will see a photographer of me, steeped in vicodin, In the midst of great despair, the best solution (or at least one) is some reflection. So here are some reflections out and about Djup and Pollinn.

Also, if you have given me your name and contact information so that i can send you a photo and stay in touch, would you please do so again? I'll be back in January and want to make sue to visit all of those whom I said I would. You can send me a mail to the site or to my other address: 

Ok I feel like I am typing in mud, thanks to the painkillers. so enjoy the picts. :-)



Sigríđur Halldórsdóttir, Monday 19 October | 02:33

Hć Matt.

Ţađ koma svona dagar. Ég eyddi öllum ljósmynda-folderunum mínum óvart úr tölvunni um daginn. En sem betur fer var megniđ af myndunum enn í myndavélinni. Ţannig ađ ég er öllu heppnari en ţú ţessa dagana.

Ég er á ljósmynda-námskeiđi hjá Ágústi. Virkilega skemmtilegt ţótt ég sé međ lélegustu myndavélina. Mundi hvort sem er ekki nenna öđru en lítilli og léttri myndavél sem fer vel í vasa :)

Sendi ţér kannski myndir seinna. Sigga


Dr Donald J DInello, Friday 23 October | 21:50

Hey MAtt, I thought the extraction went smooth.... I thought the time spent in Iceland made you tougher.. Thanks for sharing your web-site with me! These people seem remarkable amd the landcsape is breathtaking.

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