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┴g˙st Atlason ┴g˙st Atlason | Sunday 31. Mayá2009

Happy birthday Matt!

The 50 years old dude!
The 50 years old dude!
Matt is 50 years old today. I have only know him for a year or so but it feels like forever. Now he is back home with his boys propably having a real good time :)

50 is a very good age I think, I have 13 years to that, wow only 13 years, Im feeling a bit old.

But Matt, you don´t look older than 21!

Enjoy your day:)

PS: Matt, you should have the new 5D for a present, from your self!



Anthony Morgan, Sunday 31 May | 20:38

Just wished my closest friend, Steve, who will be the art auctioneer on June 22nd, a Happy 50th!! He turned this ripe age in the middle of May. I am finally figuring out why we seem to have a positive draw. You are very similar to Steve. You two will real enjoy meeting!!! He is a psych professor, but also an artist and activist!!!
See you soon, my friend and Happy Birthday!


Itana Lins, Tuesday 02 June | 21:15

ParabÚns, Matt!!!!!!!


Matt, Thursday 04 June | 03:56

It is great to hear from you. You are probably our first (and not last) visitor from S. America. I have a photo to send to you and much to catch up on. This week, I promise. Thanks for good wishes.

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