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Matt Willen Matt Willen | Wednesday 27. Mayá2009

One more before I go

Just figured I would stick one more entry in here before I head out tomorrow. It has to be short becuase I don´t have my glasses and can´t see without the things. We walked up to Naustahvilt just across the harbor this afternoon to get a view of 'isafjörður from above. It is a big bowl in the mountainside 225 meters above town. Here are a few photos, which may be out fo cous but I can´t tell.

We are talking about the next stages of the project now. Got a request for a good map of the Westfjords, which I have been working on for a while now, so that is to come. Some conclusions after this phase of the project. Gústí is planning on doing more profiles. And we are planning a trip to the Hornstrandir Coast, the most northern part of the Westfjords, for a couple of days in july. So, with that, next entry from Willen will be from back in the US next week.



┴g˙st G. Atlason, Wednesday 27 May | 15:16

Hey Matt, Westfjords will miss you, looking forward to july! Have a nice trip home my friend:)

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