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Matt Willen Matt Willen | Tuesday 12. Mayá2009

The Shrimp Boat

I finally got a good night´s sleep last night at a reasonable hour, which means I went to bed at 10:00 after introducing Agust to the first two episodes of Breaking Bad which I have on my ipod. Up at 6:00 and out at 6:30 in the rain, and over to the docks where I thought I might find some people. There I found a small crew unloading the nets from a shrimp boat. I spoke to one of crew mates and he explained to me that they were pulling the nets out because they were "fucked" and needed repair. It took them hours to haul in. So I hung out for a while and took some photos of the crew from the dock and on board as they untangled and hoisted their nets. Then as the rain subsided slightly, a beautiful rainbow over Pollinn, the inner harbor area.

Gusti and I were interviewed about our project by the local newspaper today, who found out about the project via Facebook and this blog. I think the article might be out tomorrow, or maybe next week, I'm not sure, but I will post it. I think most Americans would be surprised by the importance of Facebook for networking in a small community like this. Virtually everyone has an account, and it is one of the main methods by which information is exchanged, events are announced, and people communicate.


We are starting to plan out our work next week, when Gusti is taking the week off. We are especially interested in finding places where people congregate and interact, so we are looking at schools and local gathering places, as well families, work sites, and so forth. Tomorrow I will head down to Þingeyri, a town south of here over a couple of mountains, with Peter Weiss, the director of the University Centre of the Westfjords (Háskólasetur Vestfjarða), so it will probably be a long day, which means that I probably won´t get anything posted next until Thursday morning. The weather is supposed to be fine for the rest of the week, sunny and 12 to 15 degrees C, although presently the wind is blowing quite a gale-wonderful lenticular clouds all around.


A couple of people have written to ask me about what people eat here. I had Thai Food for lunch today from a restaurant called Thai Koon, which I find to be a very funny name. It is one of the few restaurants in town. I have eaten fish quite a bit on my visits, lamb and some beef, pizza. There are more exotic stuffs which I will look into more and provide a more complete report.


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