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┴g˙st Atlason ┴g˙st Atlason | Tuesday 26. Mayá2009

What about some blogging?

At first, I like to say hello, I am the other part of this project and till now, the silent partner. We talked about if I should write in Icelandic or English and I dont rembember the outcome of that conversation. So today it is English. Me and Matt have been having a great time last week and a lot have been done. Many people and places have been visited in only 5 days and I must say that we had nobody yet that did not want to participate in the project, that is a very good sign!

We managed to get this website up and running in no time at all and we are very proud of the outcome. We have 5 profiles up and I think there will be one more today, about Íslandssaga in Suðureyri. Matt went there yesterday and got some interesting stuff. There are also several photoalbums to check out, the newest can be found in the sidebar.

So just a short hello from me, hope you enjoy your visit to the Focus Westfjords project :)



Matt Willen, Tuesday 26 May | 12:16

G˙stÝ, Mer fimmst ■u ßtt a­ skrÝfa Ý ═slensk. : )


Louise, Tuesday 26 May | 13:30

Matt and Agust-
The website looks phenomenal and works well - again - the photos are breaktaking and am really enjoying the commentary/narratives as well -
glad it is in english for now - the land and the people are wonderful - you're both capturing it so well for us to experience from far away-Louise


Bernd Hegewisch, Tuesday 26 May | 19:37

ah, i'm really glad that you write in english. makes it so much easier for me to understand it. (takk and godan daginn is about the only icelandic i know). so takk for the english-speakery :)


┴g˙st Atlason, Wednesday 27 May | 10:27

Thank you Louise, nice to hear that you like this, pushes us to do better :)
Hey Bernd, thanks for visiting. But I guess the other half of this project wants me to write in Icelandic, and maybe that┤s good for the icelandic readers :)
Thanks for the comments!


Louise, Tuesday 02 June | 18:12

sorry I have not been able to check the site recently - just saw Matt yesterday and he misses you and Iceland already - or perhaps it was just the 50th birthday blues... you and he have much to be proud of - can't wait to see what is ahead for the project -

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