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Paul Young

wrote 28/06/16 klukkan 22:44


Is it you from all that time ago in Glasgow?

Do say hello...we have much to share....especially the football...(joke)

Fondest wishes,



wrote 31/07/13 klukkan 08:19

Does anyone know the name of the handsome guide working at Thingeyri church? I'd like to get in touch with him. :)

Rich Becker

wrote 06/05/11 klukkan 19:05

Hey Matt,

My life was flashing in front of my eyes one day and I thought of you. Found your work on the internet, and its really good stuff.

I'm so happy you got to live your dream....

Be well,

Pat Collins (your aunt)

wrote 06/07/10 klukkan 19:48

Fascinating photos. Sorry I missed your show.

JoAnne Thorsteinson

wrote 25/05/10 klukkan 18:26

My Grandfather Christian Thorsteindon emigrated from Isafjordur in 1893 at 4 years old. His parents were Jons Jonsson and Markusina Kristendottir. They made their new home in Sasketchewan Canada. My brother, sisters, and I spent only 1 day in Reykjavic from a cruise we were on. We visited an outdoor museum that was a replica of a small villiage. When we returned home I began doing family geneology. With the help of a newly found 4 th cousin, we have reconstructed our family backto the 1400's. Your beautiful pictures and writings make it all so real now.

JoAnne Thorsteinson

John Dornberger

wrote 27/02/10 klukkan 22:25

Matt: Just fascinating. If you happene to have any, would love to try the beer from the festival -- Bķldudals-gręnar. Thanks for inviting me to your terrific website. John

Chris Carey

wrote 11/01/10 klukkan 16:38

G'day Q,
Great work mate. Well done

Pat Collins

wrote 22/11/09 klukkan 00:27

Love the pictures.

Dr Donald J Dinello

wrote 23/10/09 klukkan 21:55

These images of the people and lanscape are wonderful! Thanks for sharing their story with the world!


wrote 25/09/09 klukkan 00:59

See you tomorrow :)

Jį Sigga, žetta skilaši sér :)

Sigrķšur Halldórsdóttir

wrote 23/09/09 klukkan 22:42

Halló Matt

Gott framtak! Ég vona aš žś komist meš žetta alla leiš.


Jon Joel

wrote 07/09/09 klukkan 16:34

Hi Matt

Great project!

We met at the campsite at Reykhólar. I regret that we didn't talk so much. I wonder if we don't have some mutual interests. :-)

Give me a call when you are back in town (Reykjavik) if you are not too busy. I could arrange a dinner or something.

Jon Joel

Herb Kincey

wrote 05/09/09 klukkan 19:09


Great photos! Best of luck with your new book.

Herb Kincey

Eygló Kr.

wrote 03/09/09 klukkan 23:21

Kęri Matt,
Takk fyrir frįbęran dag ķ dag. Hlakka til aš sjį meira af skemmtilegum myndum og frįsögnum hér į sķšunni ykkar. Žetta finnst mér mjög veršugt og spennandi verkefni.

Eygló Kr.

Gary Noll

wrote 04/08/09 klukkan 21:31

Thanks for your invitation to Focus Westfjords and the lovely virtual holiday I had moving around through it. I felt like coming over to visit you and Agust and sharing a pint and a song. Lovely work!



greg kadel

wrote 17/06/09 klukkan 19:52

Hi Matt,
Great photos ...great adventure. I'll forward to some others who would enjoy
this super web site.
Tell me it isn't true ! The Puffin is one of my favorite little creatures. Do they really end up on a Pizza. Those light house dudes should ease up .
Spencer just did a photo shoot at our barn at Penn National. I'll send you
some images that he captured.
I'll revisit this site again.
Sincerely, Greg

Barb W

wrote 09/06/09 klukkan 15:37

Totally Amazing!!

Pat Ulmen

wrote 04/06/09 klukkan 00:10

Congratulations! Can't wait to see more as it's added. Quality work.

Itana Lins

wrote 01/06/09 klukkan 18:59

B E A U T I F U L job!!!!!!! Congratulations! Keep it up :) Itana

carmine sarracino

wrote 28/05/09 klukkan 19:16

Beautiful website, informative and interesting. The photography is National Geographic quality! (The waterfall with an arc of rainbow is fabulous!) Keep up the great work.


wrote 26/05/09 klukkan 13:31

What a brillint project! Congratulations with all this. I really like the people profiles. Looking forward to see more!

Dave Bartholomae

wrote 26/05/09 klukkan 13:04

What a wonderful project. And what amazing images! Good luck with this.

Baldur Pan

wrote 25/05/09 klukkan 23:36

Lovely stuff! :)

Gudrun Sig

wrote 25/05/09 klukkan 23:10

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
Con grats.

Chris Bucher

wrote 25/05/09 klukkan 21:16

Beautiful photographs, Matt. Terrific website. Now I really want to visit Iceland. Looks like the project is off to a good start. Chris

Deb Ondo

wrote 23/05/09 klukkan 12:07

The website looks fantastic! And the project is coming alive in such splendid ways! Bravo!


Snerpa ehf

wrote 22/05/09 klukkan 22:59

Congratulations with the new web!

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