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Aerial Photographs from the northern coast

In July of 2009, we took a plane flight over the northern coast of the Westfjords courtesy of the town marketing office in Isafjörður. We flew aboard a small pane, six seater, with our pilot Örn Ingolfson at the commands. The initial plan was to make a loop over the Westfjords following the coastline north and east along the Arctic Ocean, and then traversing south and following the coast back north from Breiðafjörður. Though we were only able to see the Arctic coast and the glacier above Hornstrandir, because we had to make an emergency landing in Flotavik, a small community of summer cottages in the north. We had received word that a hiker had broken her leg and needed an evacuation. The evacuation was delayed because the injured person was still a long way from access to the small airstrip (a grassy swath on the coast). Örn wrote a note to the hiking party on a stick indicating that a boat would be arriving soon, and we tossed out of the plane while circling above the party. 

A remarkable experience, and the photos provided here offer a view of the northern coast of the Hornstrandir Nature Preserve, which is accessible only by boat or by foot. There is a sample of ten photos here, and then a more extensive album of about 55 which is accessible from the main menu.